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Currently we are closed to ordering.
My handmade soaps will be out of stock
until further notice.
Please check back later.
Thanks so much for your support!

HuMaine Essential Herbal Soap


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From my shop in Boothbay, Maine,
I am very pleased to offer you my homemade herbal soaps.
By carefully preparing, then stirring all the natural ingredients by hand,
I am creating a fine quality, all-natural skin care product.
I`ve been creating natural soap since 1995. It was my love for animals
that I decided to create my own humane cruelty-free natural soap.
I found that our commercial bars are made from a large amount of animal fats
and synthetic chemicals that can rob the skin of it`s natural oil. Using my natural soaps,
you will notice a difference in how your skin looks and feels. All my soaps are made
with 100% pure vegetable oils, the vegetable oils produce a mild gentle soap which tends
to make the skin feel soft and smooth while helping to retain it`s natural moisture.
These natural soothing oils are a precious gift from nature promoting
good health and well being.

Maine Soapmaker

est. 1995

~ We only ship within the USA ~

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