From The Soapmaker`s Shop of Maine
- HuMaine Essential Herbal Soap -

Handmade From Scratch Cold Process Pure Soap
After the soap sets up (after 18 hours in the mold) I roll
the warm soap into balls, so each soap ball is unique.
They are created using the finest oils including:
pure olive, coconut, palm, sunflower, sweet almond and soybean oil.
Essential oils and/or fragrance are added for additional quality.
Use our beautiful hand rolled soap balls for a luxurious bath,
to make closets and drawers smell nice or add them to a gift basket,
decorative canister or jar.

Choose a color scheme -
Start by looking for an object or a room with colors
that you really like, such as your bathroom walls,
bath towels, rug, or artwork that can serve as your inspiration piece.
Explore our soap ball colors by collection to bring
your style and vision to life.

Peace Tranquillity -
Dark green: Maine Balsam Fir
Made with moisturizing castor oil
and balsam fir fragrance oil
White & Dark Green:
Coconut Oil Shea Butter
Maine Balsam Fir.
With this soap I rolled together a bit of
green balsam fir soap with the coconut
shea butter soap to form a white
and green soap ball
2 oz Soap Ball Price....$2.95
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Coastal Cottage -
Blue: Wild Maine Blueberry
Oatmeal Castile
Made with a large amount of pure
olive oil, touch of oatmeal, & blueberry fragrance oil
Blue: Wild Maine Blueberry
Shea Butter Sea Salt
with blueberry fragrance oil, shea butter & sea salt
White & Blue: Fruity Blueberry Peach.
with fresh peach fragrance oil
and a touch of blueberry fragrance oil.
2 oz Soap Ball Price....$2.95
Sorry - Sold Out
Wild Maine Blueberry Castile Oat Soap Balls
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Country Charm -
Dark Brown: Almond Pistachio Oatmeal
Made with oatmeal, and almond and pistachio fragrance oil.
Honey Brown: Oatmeal Cinnamon Spice.
made with ground cinnamon spice,
oatmeal, and cinnamon and a touch
of clove essential oil
Light Brown:
Sold Out Organic Soy Milk
Honey Calendula.
2 oz Soap Ball Price....$2.95
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Sweet Elegance -
Peach Blossom
made with moisturizing castor oil,
and peach blossom fragrance oil
2 oz Soap Ball Price....$2.95

Simplified -
Light brown:
Sandalwood Buttermilk
Shea Butter
made with moisturizing shea butter,
buttermilk, a touch of sandalwood
essential oil and sandalwood fragrance oil.
2 oz Soap Ball Price....$2.95
Calmness -
Light purple:
Spring Lilac Jasmine.
made with lilac fragrance oil, a pinch
of dried ground jasmine petals.
2 oz Soap Ball Price....$2.95

Joyful -
Light Blue: Hydrangea
made with moisturizing castor oil,
and hydrangea fragrance oil.
Yellow: Moisturizing Lemon Tangerine
made with lemon essential oil, tangerine
fragrance oil, buttermilk, shea butter
a touch of mango butter & cocoa butter
2 oz Soap Ball Price....$2.95
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Purely Refined -
Pure Coconut Oil
Shea Butter.
Made with pure coconut oil
for a wonderful lather & moisturizing
shea butter.
2 oz Soap Ball Price....$2.95

Soft Refreshing -
Mint Green: Pure Peppermint
Shea Butter Sea Salt
Made with pure peppermint essential oil,
french green clay, shea butter
and mineral rich sea salt.
White: Lily of The Valley.
Made with moisturizing castor oil,
and lily of the valley fragrance oil.
2 oz Soap Ball Price....$2.95
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Classic -
Gray: Grey Clay Eucalyptus
Oatmeal Sea Salt
made with grey bentonite clay, touch of oatmeal,
eucalyptus essential oil & sea salt.
Light Antique White:
Summer Watermelon
made with moisturizing castor oil
and watermelon fragrance oil
2 oz Soap Ball Price....$2.95
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Vintage Rose -
Pink Rose & White Rose
made with rose geranium essential oil
and rose fragrance oil.
2 oz Soap Ball Price....$2.95
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Nourishing -
On Sale!
Ocean Point Maine
Kelp Patchouli
Soap Balls
with dried flakes of
mineral rich Ocean Point Maine
kelp touch of oatmeal and
patchouli essential oil.
patchouli is recommended for
dry, chapped skin.
2 Ounce Soap Ball
Sale Price....$2.00 each

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